Party Hire

Popcorn Maker

Our popcorn machines make fresh, hot popcorn just like you would get at the cinemas right in front of your eyes.


(Kernels, Butter, Flavuoring, Bags)
100 servings $110
200 servings $200
400 servings $250


Fairy Floss

Fairy floss machine hire, also known as cotton candy and candy floss. The hire includes the fairy floss machine, fairy floss

sugar and sticks. You can serve the fairy floss yourself and have a lot of fun with it or you can order an operator to do it

for an hourly rate.


(Sugar & Sticks)
100 servings $110
200 servings $150
400 servings $200


Slushie Maker

Our slushie machine are ideal for all birthday parties, engagements, weddings or any social event.

Guest can help themselves which means no bar tender is required, no mixing and therefore no mess.

All our mixes are none alcoholic, so you can choose to add alcohol or leave them as it is.


(Cups, Straw & Flavours)

100 servings $170
200 servings $220
400 servings $320


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